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Digital Enterprise in an Emerging Economy: A Panacea for Vocational and Technology Education Graduates Unemployment in Nigeria

L. A. Adamu; Nasir Umar and Umar Buba

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

The rapid advancement in technology which leads to digitalization and development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is creating vast opportunities through digital entrepreneurship and other different types of entrepreneurial activities in emerging economies. However, very few researches were conducted in this area for ample understanding of the nature of digital entrepreneurship in the new and emerging economies. So far the connection between the up-and-coming fields of digital entrepreneurship has not been academically investigated in detail. This study aims at closing this research gap. It represents a detailed literature review of the emerging digital entrepreneurship using a structured analysis of the current state of research. The contents of this work is based on a literature analysis of scientific publications on results from an extensive database search on the role, opportunities and challenges of digital entrepreneurship. To concretize the understanding of the digital entrepreneurship in the existing literature, its characteristics are specified along with concrete application areas as a synthesis. These are then analyzed with regard to its adequacy and applicability as a strategy for reducing unemployment for graduates of business education in Nigeria. The study clearly specifies that digital entrepreneurship is totally absent in vocational and technology education curriculum and recommended that Government should support the creation of digital entrepreneurship at all levels of education so as to encourage graduates to tap the various existing digital entrepreneurship opportunities.