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Multilingualism and Multiculturalism in English Speaking African Countries with their Teachings Implications

A. J. Saleh and A. A. Akoshi

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

The thrust of this work is to x-ray African native or indigenous languages and the intrusion of foreign languages in English speaking African countries. The aim is to reveal the  teachings implications. The English speaking African countries have had their languages and cultures before advent of colonialism because these two cannot be separated. The irony is that these foreign languages and cultures have infiltrated our languages and cultures; thereby causing a distortion just like what the French policy of assimilation and association has done. The work considers Anglophone countries as Britain and America who have colonized 23 and 1 respectively of the 54 countries, which constitutes 44.4% of the African countries. The study reveals that one of the implications of multilingualism in English speaking Africa is distortion of cultural values and norms. However, it maintains that multilingualism gives the nation/nations the opportunity to establish bilateral relation with the other parts of the world. Based on the findings of this work, it is concluded that Multilingualism and multiculturalism are endowments to the nations and peoples and should be encouraged. Hence, curriculum designers should design the curriculum to include the teaching of multilingualism at the primary, secondary and tertiary schools in the continent.