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Re-Orientation of Moral Value System in Nigeria: The Roles of Women as Change Agents

O. O. Ojo and A. B. Abibu

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

The re-orientation of value system in Nigeria is a look into the past for national culture that would reshape national character and image. This work, therefore, examines the value system in Nigeria in pre-colonial era and Colonial period. This work on re-orientation of value system is focused on redeeming Nigerian society currently faced with crushing identity crisis, resulting, from misplacement of value that led to misunderstanding of the purpose of human life through the role of women in the society. The study reveals that values have either positive or negative effects on the social, economic, political, and cultural lives of the society.In order to avert the ugly implications of the debased values system in Nigeria. It recommends among others investment in women’s participation in community relations and community development. In addition, the National Orientation Agency should embark on re-orientation campaign and enlightenment on the effect of debased values in the country