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Creative Writing as a Driving Force in The Making of a Society

G. U. Saleh

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

Creative writing in Nigeria and indeed Africa has gone on actively for over half a century and has passed several stages. The themes treated however, range from cultural conflict at the early stage to economic and social problems at the later stage. Considering the rate at which the world is changing rapidly there is need for a corresponding change in creative writing. This study is a result of my personal experience of several years of studying the subject both as a student and a lecturer from the mid-eighties to the present day. The work highlights the role a writer should play in the making of a society; it essentially reflects writing in the past, the present and juxtaposes the two with a view to focusing on the future. The work proposes that whatever positions a writer may take or the class he may belong to, his writing should serve as a spring board for moving the society forward. This should be commensurate to the period, place and circumstances in which the society finds itself