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Sociolinguistic Assessment of the Attempts to proffer Solution to the National Language Question in a Multilingual Nigerian Environment

E. T. Enang and S. T. Udoka

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This study takes a look at the multilingual posture of Nigeria in the light of the national language question. It assesses the sociolinguistic factors that had hitherto prevented attempts to proffer appropriate answers to the national language question. It addresses from a different angle the age-long Nigerian (black man) penumbra and the vexed issue of language question in Nigeria as a conglomeration of many ethnic nationalities loosely existing as a multilingual one-entity. This study keeps on bearing in mind the frustrating roles which the dense multilingualism, multiculturalism and multiethnicity have hitherto played against the national desire and effort to choose a national language for Nigeria. It is the intention of the researchers of this work to re-assess the existing scholarly positions and opinions of contributors on this issue in order to be in a better platform to proffer a lasting answer and draw a conclusion on the issue which will be devoid of grounds that would nurture threats to the cooperate existence of Nigeria and to the language question. This study therefore, suggests among others that a dicey matter such as the one on hand should be given a fair hearing at both the lower and the upper houses of the federation legislature