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French Language Education in Nigeria: Significance and Status

A. J. Saleh

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

French is one of the international languages most widely used in commerce, science, technology, research, administration, education, literature among others. This study reviews French language education in Nigeria. The objective is to examine the significance and status of French as one of the international languages studied in Nigeria. The work tries to find out the reasons for learning French language in Nigeria. Literature shows that French is a foreign language in Nigeria because it is not indigenous to any ethnic group in Nigeria. It has an unfamiliar phonology in a multilingual and diverse cultural society such as Nigeria. The work recommends that the teaching of French language should be included in the primary school curriculum since the language has gained an international status. The teaching of the language should also be restructured in the secondary school curriculum where every student would learn the language beyond Junior Secondary School level.