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Improvisation and Usefulness of a Scaling Board In Inverse Proportion Problem Solving

F. C. Y. Aprebo and Uranta Soba

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

This study on improvisation of a Scaled-Board and its usefulness in inverse proportion problem, is basically concerned with how a model is improvised to teach an inverse proportion topic in Mathematics which portrays the practical bit of the mathematics. A simple pretest-posttest experimental design and control groups design are used. The model is tested on a randomised sample of 50 students randomly selected from 200 students, out of which 25 of them were taken for the experimental group while the other 25 were taken for the control group. Mathematics Achievement Test of 3 questions was given to the sampled groups before and after treatment.It explores the stages of the Scaled-Board preparation and how the model is used in solving the inverse proportion topics in Mathematics. The finding shows that the scaledBoard is more effective than the calculation method.