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Prevalence and Life Style Determinants of Hypertension among Women in Iraq

Fadheel QJ* and Hussein AA

Journal Title:Open Access Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Back ground: Hypertension is one of the major prevalence chronic diseases in the world and it’s greatly increase particularly in developing countries (Include Iraq) especially in women. A number of risk factors for increased the blood pressure include obesity resistance of insulin, excessive alcohol intake, elderly, sedentary life style, stress decrease intake of potassium and calcium, many of this factors are additives such as obesity and alcohol intake. Aim of the study: The study was conducted with the aimed of determining the prevalence of Hypertension among woman and identifying life style related risk factor and we choose women because this town become endemic area with hypertension based on previous survey. Patient: This is a randomize prospected, clinical study it was conducted in AL-Diwaniya teaching hospital, medicinal department, and emergency department. This study started at December 2015, this approved medical ethical community at AL-Kufa University. Materials: There is considerable guidance about the range of appropriate devices for measuring blood pressure and about their maintenance and periodic recalibration local medical physics and biomedical/clinical engineering departments can often give further advice. Methods: Sample of 60 case women in Al-Diwaniya city was chosen randomly all the women present in the hospital of AlDiwaniya Teaching Hospital at the time of visiting. Where interview according to specialise questionnaire... height.... weight; Blood pressure were measured. Results: The prevalence lifestyle risk factor among the study population was as follow: Physical inactivity (65.4%) (Over weight 39.4%), (obesity 35.3), (OCP 16.4), (salty diet 16%), (fatty diet 13.2%) drug intake {mostly (NASIDs) 11.4}, (coffee intake 7.4%), (smoking 1.5%). A significant associated was found between some lifestyles risk factor and hypertension, these were drug intake and BMI, while no sign associated was found between other risk factor and hypertension which were, fatty diet, physical activity, coffee intake and OCP intake.