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Immunomodulatory Аspects and Mechanisms of Аction of βGlucans

Voycheva C*

Journal Title:Open Access Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

β-glucans are found in bacterial and fungal cell walls and have been implicated in the initiation of anti-microbial immune response. β-glucansact on Dectin-1, complement receptor (CR3) and TLR-2/6 immune receptors. They trigger a group of immune cells including macrophages, neutrophils, monocytes, natural killer cells and dendritic cells. Most β-glucansenter the proximal small intestine and some are captured by the macrophages. They are internalized and fragmented within the cells, then transported by the macrophages to the marrow and endothelial reticular system. The small β-glucans fragments are eventually released by the macrophages and taken up by other immune cells leading to various immune responses.