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Quantum Dots: Need to Explore Potential for Delivery of Drugs and Biomolecules

Galgatte UC*

Journal Title:Open Access Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Quantum dots (QDs) are the semiconductor nanoparticles having the range of 2 nm to 10 nm [1]. One of the properties of semiconductor metals of the group IV to group VI of periodic table, to show fluorescence is established in the biomedical research for quantitative fluorescence imaging and detection [2]. QDs based bioimaging is widely used. Comparing with other nanoparticles, a distinct property of QDs is excitation of multiple color fluorescence based on particle size. QDs emit the same wavelength of light which is used as excitation wavelength. Therefore with single excitation light source, multiple QDs with different spectra can be observed. The term quantum dot was coined by Mark Reed.