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Quantitative Regression Analysis of Total Hardness Related Physicochemical Parameters of Groundwater

Sisir Nandi*, Sharma A, Ahmed S and Teotia D

Journal Title:Open Access Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Groundwater is the major sources of water for the survival of lives. It is a gift of Mother Nature who supports water to the mankind and animals. Industrialization has been increasing day by day. This is one of the crucial factors for pointing a question mark on the quality of drinking water sourced from the underground. Industrial effluents cause pollution and imbalances in the physicochemical parameters. One of the important constituents of groundwater is total harness to which mineral content is present. It was reported that hard water contains high concentration of cations with a charge of +2, especially Ca2+ and Mg2 and minor concentration other polyvalent ions, such as aluminium, barium, manganese, strontium and zinc. The present study is an attempt to make a quantitative correlation between the total harness and other related physicochemical parameters such as polyvalent ions. It measures the quality of buried drinking water for the household and industrial use and impacts on the public health.