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Wound Healing Activity of the Formulated Silver Chitosan Nanocomposite Cream against Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Wounded Animal Model

Cecilia DS*, Jan Karlo TE, Ashley Marrion CA, Euriel Jasmin PC, Ariza RG, Carmela Ann BL, Althea VS and Celine AAAV

Journal Title:Open Access Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

In the Philippines, the prevalence rate of diabetes is predicted to increase continuously making Filipinos more susceptible to diseases related to the disease above. Drug delivery system using nanotechnology has played a role in the formulation strategy to improve the therapeutic action. This technology offers the advantages of increased stability, enhanced in-vitro antibacterial property, variation in drug solubility and enhanced drug delivery to the action site. This research focuses on the formulation of Silver Chitosan Nanocomposite (SCN) Cream and its use as a wound healing agent using Alloxan Induced Animal Model. SCN with different concentration is developed and is characterized using the following parameters: (i) Transmission Electron Microscopy and (ii) Antibacterial assay. Optimized SCN is formulated into a cream and analyzed based on the following assay including (i) Viscosity test, (ii) Dermal irritation test and (iii) Histopathological evaluation of the wound healing property. The Optimized SCN cream (30% SCN) has exhibited antibacterial and wound healing property comparable to the silver sulfadiazine cream in treating the wound in diabetic patients in terms of epithelial formation.