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The Utilization of Residue Come Out as a By-Product by the Cold Press

Naime NT*, Zeliha S, Ali G, Sıdıka BO, Hale Feyza B, Yasemin G and Beril K

Journal Title:Open Access Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

In recent years, with the increase of the world population, the studies on the utilization of the herbal wastes resulting from increased industrialization and production have gained speed and importance. Vegetable oils take a large part in the formation of herbal wastes, especially in industrial areas. Vegetable oil wastes (residue) obtained by the cold press method which has been used since ancient times are thought to be richer in nutritional values as they are produced without using heat. In this study, protein, sugar, mineral, and calorie assays of the residues of Nigella Sativa, Wheat germ, Coconut, Grape seed, Fig seed, and Walnut which were generated as a by-product after cold press fixed oil extraction were investigated.