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Numerical Modeling of Hepatitis B Dynamics with Vertical Transmission and Treatment

Razzaq A*, Raza A and Rafiq M

Journal Title:Open Access Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Numerical modeling of communicable disease is a device to understand the instrument of how disease blowouts and how it can be measured. It builds on our considerate of the spread process of a contagion in a population. In this thesis, we have studied the dynamics of hepatitis B with vertical transmission and treatment numerically. We formulate an unconditionally stable non-standard finite difference (NSFD) scheme for a mathematical model of Hepatitis B disease. The developed numerical scheme is bounded, dynamically consistent and preserves the positivity of the solutions. NSFD scheme shows convergence to the true equilibrium points of the model for any time step sizes. But Euler and RK-4 fail for large time step sizes.