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Mini Review: Pharmacokinetics Changes During Childhood, Old Age and Pregnancy

Ramírez Gómez XS*, Jiménez García SN, Beltrán Campos V, García Campos ML and Ortega Jiménez MC

Journal Title:Open Access Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

In the different stages of life, various anatomical and physiological changes occur and can influence the responses to drugs, due to pharmacokinetic processes also change with age. In this context, it is important to analyze how the anatomical and physiological changes influence the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination of drugs during childhood, old age and pregnancy with to obtain the best pharmacological response without effects adverse when drugs are prescribed in these populations. Therefore, this review shows general aspects of each pharmacokinetic parameter, as well as special considerations on the absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination process of drugs in the child, in the elderly and in the pregnant woman to obtain therapeutic success and prevent both therapeutic failure and the toxicity