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Aneze, E. U.

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

Every revolution is a child of necessity and exigency. Industrial revolution, through technological revolution is predicated on the duo. At present, environment and environmental issues have captured the attention of the entire world going by the amount of attention being given to it by notable world bodies, coupled with the stark realities of the situation as evidenced in environmental disasters being experienced these days. Consequently, nations are coming up with actions and policies aimed at protecting the environment from systematic battering and degradation. In adverse forms, ways and manners of coping with the adverse consequences are being advocated at different fora. Phenomena like climate change, global warming, desertification, extreme flooding, erratic weather conditions are highlighted extensively as well as wastes and waste management as crucial issues in environmental engineering. Exhaustive treatment of the environmental issues raised above maked the title of this work most apposite. Meanwhile, global warming is the term used to describe the change in the climatic condition of the earth which means the increase in the average temperature of the earth surface and ocean as a result of emission of green house gases into the atmosphere. Sometimes the ingredient of the topic can find comfort and safely when treated as "climate change" although the former is the component of the latter.