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Traffic Demands and Delays on Lagos - Ikorodu Road in Nigeria

Ibrahim–Adedeji, K. B.

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

This survey assesses the nature of passengers’ traffic demands and delays with a view to identifying its effects on the users of Lagos Ikorodu Road. Questionnaire serves as the major instrument of data collection for the study. The sample is 4,050 passengers at four selected bus stops/junctions from 7am-10am on a particular Monday morning. The sample size is 3% in accordance with Kregjen principle of sample size determination. The purposive sampling technique is used for this study. The sampling procedure entails the identification of the study area, bus stops, selection of passengers at the bus stop and the use of structured interview schedule with the passengers at the bus stops. Data were analysed using descriptive statistical tool. The results reveal among many others that there were more people in public transport than private, most passengers’ travel purposes were basically for work which was more than others, and most respondents spent more than 1 hour. The study also shows that majority of the passengers’ frequency of travel was once/twice per day. The study based on thenresult of the findings recommends amidst other things that there should be a thorough enforcement of traffic regulations, road rehabilitations in order to reduce the traffic challenges on the road.