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The Influence of Rural Group Organization in Agricultural and Rural Transformation of South East Nigeria

Njoku, J. I. K. and Echetama, J. A.

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

This survey investigates the role of rural group organization in agricultural and rural transformation. The major aim is to examine the role of group organization in agricultural and rural transformation in the study area. Mean, simple percentage and a 2-point scale were used in data analysis. Questionnaire, focus group discussion and personal interview were for data collection. Multi stage random sampling technique was used to selected three States in south-east Nigeria. One hundred and forty respondents were randomly selected from the three selected States. The study observes that rural group organization is a complementary component in promoting agriculture and rural transformation. Rural group organization has proved the most effective means in promoting agriculture and rural transformation in rural areas. But there is a controversy on whether rural group organization can really bring about change. The study also observes that, if rural group were properly managed with other modes of promoting agriculture and rural transformation, it would be at a higher level. Proper human capital development should be developed and maintained to eliminate the paternalistic view which assumes that rural people are passive and fatalistic, uninterested in improvement of their lives and incapable of making initiative for improvement.