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Migration of Housing from Traditional/Cultural Architecture to the Modern Style and its Significance in the Urban Development of Mubi Town in Adamawa State, Nigeria

Hashim, A.; Waziri, H. I.; Rabiu, M. U. and Suleman, A.

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

This survey aims at assessing migration of housing from traditional/cultural architecture and style to the modern style in Mubi Town of Adamawa State, Nigeria. Mubi Town is the second largest town in Adamawa State after Yola the State Capital. Fifty copies of questionnaires were distributed to the seven wards in the study area to collect data for the study. Physical observations, oral interview as well as photographs were employed during the data collection. E-VIEWS 3.1 software was used for its precision for the data analysis and interpretation. Descriptive statistics, regression analysis and linear probability were used for data analyses. The regression analysis indicates that there is positive relationship between age of buildings, education level, income level and modern houses. This means that there is a positive relationship between modern houses and other explanatory variables. The coefficient of determination (R2 ) (0.933333) shows that about 93% of the changes in the dependent variables (Modern Houses) was accommodated for the changes in the explanatory variables (Age of Buildings, Education level, income level, Number of household per compound and occupation of the respondents). Based on this, it is recommended among others that departments of Urban and Regional Planning, Estate Management and Building Technology as well as Architectural department and other related discipline should jointly form research network in all Nigerian universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of works and Housing to improve the existing housing supply to in relation to the low income levels in an affordable manner.