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Comparison of Height Differences obtained from Automatic, Digital and Tilting Level Instruments

Adewale Adebayo; Emenari, U. S. and Uwaezuoke, I. C.

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

Leveling is fundamental to the profession of surveying, Civil Engineering, and other related professions. It is therefore imperative that the type of instrument used to obtain data to determine the height of point either relative or absolute for decision making are carefully selected and used interchangeably if need be. The aim of thiswork therefore is to compare height differences obtained from three different leveling instruments in other to advice on the choice of instrument base on cost, accuracy and whether the instrument can be used interchangeably. Temporary bench marks were established at a distance of 150m interval and leveling operation was carried out with the instrument setup mid-way (125m) between the forward and backward observation. The data obtained were reduced using the height of instrument method and statistical analysis using the Fdistribution and ANOVA was used to analyze the data at 5% significant level. Result from the analysis shows that at 5% significant level there is no difference in the performance of the three instruments; therefore the instrument can be used interchangeably without any effect in cost and accuracy.