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Preserving the Natural Sponge between Water and Land through Regulating Wetlands

Agbasi, M. N.

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

This article examines the nature of wetlands in the developed and developing world, and the intrinsic problems associated with each area. The intention is to look at regions that are most vulnerable to potential damage and suggests possible measures to guard against it. Human progressive endeavours can be carried out with minimal damage to wetlands. It is the position of this work that the preservation of wetlands should be a collective effort between individuals, corporate organizations and the various federal governments in recognition of the magnitude of the task at hand. This should be a better position than mitigation of new wetland sites. Aside from restoration of the wetlands, concerted efforts at conservation and monitoring of results of reclamations are also paramount. As such, the work suggests the sensitization of the populace, especially industrialists, on how their activities may be seamlessly aligned with the needs of the wetlands.