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Status and Distribution of Some Available Micronutrients in Sudan and Sahel Savanna Agro-Ecological Zones of Yobe State, Nigeria

Mulima, I. M.; Shafiu, M.; Ismaila, M. and Benisheikh, K. M.

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

To ensure economic utilization of the soil resources by the resource-poor Nigeria farmers and also help in the government’s drive towards food sufficiency, it is important to know the original concentration of micronutrients in the soils and add only as much of the micronutrients as is beneficial to plants and foraging animals. Two study sites (Geidam and Gujba local government areas) were selected to represent the dominant agro-ecological zones in Yobe State. From the results, Copper (Cu) was found to be in the medium category while Zinc (Zn) was generally low in both zones. However, the soil contains Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) above the critical limits for crop production and categorized as “high”. It is, therefore, suggested that supplementary application of Zinc (Zn) will be required for sustainable arable crop production and application of organic matter to improve the overall fertility of the soil as well as reduce the possible development of phlinthic/petrophlinthic layers.