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Effect of Locational Attributes on Residential Mobility in Ikorodu Metropolitan Area of Lagos State, Nigeria

Ibrahim Adedeji, K. B.

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

This study assesses the effect of residential mobility in Ikorodu metropolitan area of Lagos State. Ikorodu was particularly selected because of its locational attributes and residential mobility. Residential mobility is inevitable in any society; it has become part of our urban growth. For one reason or another, residential mobility will continue to occur. Mixed system approach is adopted for the study in order to capture the necessary facts. One hundred and ten copies of questionnaire were randomly administered on landlords, landladies, estate agents and developers in the study area. The data obtained were analyzed with the use of frequency count, simple percentage and ratio. The findings reveal that the metropolitan area experienced residential mobility which resulted in high rental value and shops rental price rise as well as varied prices of residential houses (mini-flat). Despite the fact that some of these factors are known to the planning authorities as the reasons for the residential mobility in the area, little has been done to tackle them. It is hereby recommended that the planning authorities of Ikorodu metropolis should develop and adopt proactive planning policies with specific strategies that can guide land use development in the unplanned suburbs.