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Small Holders’ Willingness to participate in a Nucleus Breeding Programme for West African Dwarf Goats under Low Input Environment

Adedeji, T. A.; Ogundipe, R. I.; Ige, A. O. and Fadare, A. O.

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

Participatory willingness of smallholders in a nucleus breeding scheme (NBS) involving West African Dwarf goats in Ejigbo, Osun State, Nigeria was assessed using structured and open ended questionnaires. The questionnaire was administered on two hundred respondents selected through purposive sampling technique. Socio-economic characteristics, routine and management practices, breeding characteristics and participation in rural NBS were studied. Female muslims were actively engaged in goat rearing than their males counterpart and majority of them are uneducated. Their acquisition of livestock knowledge and animals were through traditional means and family members as well as occasional purchase. Goats were reared mainly for family consumption and occasional sales. Goats were kept on free range, individually identified through local names, no record kept and their animals were exposed to a combination of diseases. The respondents never selected their animals for breeding nor were they aware of any form of breeding programme. However, majority of the respondents were not satisfied with the present productivity level of their goats and desired a change. The participants welcome the suggestion of a community NBS for their goat improvement and agreed to share the proceeds base on number of goat donated and meeting attendance. The willingness of the majority of the respondents to participate in NBS is an indication that they were not satisfied with their animals’ production, therefore, alternative approach of communal NBS is then advocated.