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Climate Change and Agriculture in Nigeria

Sadiq, Y. A. and Anjorin, O. J.

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

Some factors are at work to fluctuate and lessen the trend in agriculture outputs and values in Nigeria. Hence, the need to assess the climate-agriculture nexus becomes imperative. This review takes a critical examination of available documentation on Climate Change and Agriculture in Nigeria, with a view to proffering long term proposition for proactive improvement. The characteristics of Nigerian agriculture (land tenure, low farm inputs in fertilizer, extension and machinery, low economies of scale in production, poor storage, lack of capital formation/investment, and being “prone to national disasters-drought, pests, weeds, and floods’’ or the vagaries of the climate) observed to significantly affect the agriculture output and value. Thus, as an early warning system climate change is asking whether the Nigerian government would please wake up, the peasant farmer of colonial days is waiting for maximum output.