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Appropriate Technology for Sustainable Municipal Sewage Treatment in Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria

Ibrahim Saidu

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

The current discharge of enormous quantities of untreated sewage released into water bodies containing several substances that are hazardous to aquatic life and public health is a major environmental and economic concern in Yola. The bottlenecks occasioned by the absence of sewage treatment plant to which sewers are usually connected for conveyance of the sewage for eventual treatment of the phenomenon before its discharge into the environment, are well documented. Application of alternative innovative approaches to sewage treatment technologies is not understood and several constraints to their adoption exist. Sewage best management practices are the application of modern technologies for sewage treatment to address the issues of water quality, quantities, and amenity for long term sustainability. This study propses an appropriate technology for the treatment of sewage in the study area.