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Designing a Prototype of Geoinformatics Documentation System using Microsoft Access

Ekpa, A. U. and Udotong, I. U.

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

The purpose of this study is to design geoinformatics documentation system using Microsoft Access. It also identifies useful knowledge management tools and processes associated with geoinformatics documentation system. Geoinformatics documentation seeks to support high quality information management that is in compliance with survey rules and regulations. It ensures that all the geoinformatics/surveying processes are transparent, captured, reproduced and that the survey results are presented in an objective and accurate manner. A prototype content management system is being designed using Microsoft Access database tool to provide a systematic and comprehensive approach to documentation which offers an optimal and efficient approach. The efficiency of this system seeks to minimize costs, lost of information associated with storage, eliminate redundant information and maximize benefits of documentation in terms of quick and efficient storage, accessibility, editing, management, analyses and retrieval.