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Growth Performance of Broiler-Chickens Fed Cassava Starch residue Leaf meal as a Replacement for maize diet

Olowoyeye, J. C.

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

A 42-day trial using 300 day old broiler chickens was conducted to evaluate the nutritive potential of cassava starch residue and cassava leaf mix on their performance characteristics. The birds were divided into 6 treatment groups and further replicated 5 times with 10 birds per replicate in a completely randomized design and fed diets containing 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50% Cassava Starch Residue Leaf Meal (CSRLM) (95:5) mix as a replacement for maize diet. The birds were adequately housed, while feed and water were supplied ad-libitum. Other standard management practices were adequately put in place. The results show that final body weights of birds are significantly influenced by dietary treatments. The values recorded for broiler chickens fed the control diet (1970g/bird) is higher than values obtained for bird fed the test (1424 - 1660g/bird). Average daily weight gain is also significantly affected by dietary treatments with the control diet recording the best value. No significant difference is observed across dietary treatments for Average Daily Feed Intake (ADFI ). Birds fed the control diet have a higher ADFI and this decreased with increased replacement of maize with the CSRLM (95:5) mix. The FCR for bird fed the control diets is significantly better than those fed the test diets.