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Environmental Design Requirements for Courtyard Buildings in Hot-Dry Climate

Markus, B.

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

The main goal of this study is to review the environmental design requirements for courtyard buildings in the hot-dry climatic region. The study aims at bringing to understanding the design requirements for shading and ventilation performances of the courtyard. The study was conducted by making an analogy with respect to courtyard buildings in the hot-humid climatic zones. The study shows that, for optimum shading performance in the courtyard, its shape, orientation, and sky view factor are the most important environmental design requirements for courtyard in the hot-dry climatic zone. For ventilation performance, the use of night ventilation could improve the interior thermal situation in the hot-dry region, but in hot-humid zone, however, some scholars opine that air flow through courtyards is vital to comfort, whereas others state that ventilation is needless because it would allow hot air into buildings. This study concludesthat the courtyard shape, orientation, and sky view factor are the major environmental design requirements in the hot-dry climatic zone, but their appropriateness is still unknown and need to be studied in future simulation studies.