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Socio-economic and Demographic Profile of Agricultural Labour Force in Delta State, Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

J. L. Igben and E. Igun

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

There has been no concerted attempt to study agricultural labour force in the Niger delta region that has been degraded by petroleum exploitation activities. Consequently, this study examines the socio–economic and demographic characteristics of the labour force with a view to providing a framework for a comprehensive planning. Data utilized are obtained from primary and secondary sources. The former is through a multi-stage sampling technique which involves the purposive selection of one State and three agrarian settlements. The systematic random sampling was used to select 350 households, on which a one-time questionnaire is administered. Descriptive statistics is used to analyze data collected. The study revealed, among others, an ageing and large illiterate labour force. Consequently, adequate planning by government to make agriculture more attractive and retraining of farmers is recommended to improve productivity in the sector.