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Animal Service: Mounting Integrated Social Security in Nigeria Using Domesticated Dogs (Canis familiaris) to Combat Crimes

M. A. Adeniran

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

The central focus of this study is on the employment of trained domesticated dogs in the security service of man. Domesticated dogs (Canis familiaris) have been used for many centuries as pets, guard dogs, watch dogs and hounds in advanced countries of the world like England, Germany, U.S.A., Belgium, Holland, Russia and many others. The types of canids breeds that could be trained for crime control and security purposes were enumerated in this study. The study pinpoints the people or places where trained dogs could be used for security purposes such as: airports, sea ports; banks, residential areas, business premises, Police and Military services as well as during warfare. Well trained dogs, called guard dogs, or watch dogs could be used to track down criminals, sniff out and locate bombs, guns, explosives and hard drugs: defeat hoodlums and overpower armed robbers. Experts’ modalities for dog training and dogs’ health-care services were included in this treatise. Employment of trained dogs in human services would reduce crime, create serenity and ensure individual, corporate and national security in Nigeria.