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Youth Organizations’ Participation in Agricultural Activities in Omoku Metropolis, Rivers State, Nigeria

A. I. Oguzor; A. B. Odinwa and N. Amugo

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

This study examines youth organizations’ participation in Agricultural Activities in Omoku Metropolis, Rivers State. The population comprises all the youth organizations in Omoku metropolis. A sample of 150 youths from five communities in Omoku is used. A structured questionnaire with 24 items is designed to elicit data for the study. A test retest is used to conduct the reliability of the instrument with Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Coefficient which yields 0.85. Data analysis is done with the use of arithmetic mean. The study reveals among others that majority of the youth organizations in Omoku metropolis do not engage in agricultural activities, youth organizations face a myriad of challenges which impede their involvement in agriculture; these range from lack of co-operation, land tenure and inadequate fund. The study, therefore, concludes that youth organizations’ participation in agricultural activities in Omoku is relatively low. Hence, it recommends among others that the government at the State and local levels should ensure that re-orientation and youth mobilization programmes are designed to educate the youths on agriculture and its importance to national development.