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Mechanization Problems of Peasant Farmers in Oyo Metropolis, Oyo State, Nigeria

A. W. Animashaun and J. Gbadamosi

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

This survey is carried out to assess the mechanization problems of peasant farmers in Oyo metropolis. The population of the study comprises all peasant farmers in Oyo metropolis of Oyo State. Ten communities were systematically selected in the study area namely: Aba Iyaibeji, Offa meta, Fashola, Eleekara, Baale Agbe, Oko Ajagba, Eleke, Soku, Otefon and Mogaji. Multistage sampling technique is employed to collect data from 400 farmers in the study area using structured questionnaire. The data are analysed using frequency count and simple percentage. Findings reveal that most of the farmers are male with low or no level of education. Most farming operations are carried out manually and implements are being mostly hired. Inadequate capital is the major problem affecting farmers in the study area while other problems include land tenure system, lack of equipment, government policy, lack of storage facilities, and insufficient farm input. The study also shows that most of the farms in the area range from 1-5 acres and farmers in the study area are poor to employ irrigation facilities even though 80% of the foods consumed in this country come from the peasant farmers in the rural areas. In summary, it is revealed that mechanization practice is still at a premature stage in the Oyo metropolis. Therefore, enlightenment programme should be done by extension officers all over rural areas to improve the knowledge of farmers about the advantages of mechanized farming.