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Stakeholders’ Signature to Climate Change Adaptation in the Agrarian Sector of Bui Plateau, Northwest Cameroon

Suiven John Paul Tume and Banlilon Victor Tani

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

This study on stakeholders’ signature to climate change adaptation in the agrarian sector of Bui Plateau, Northwest Cameroon aims at assessing the vulnerability of agricultural systems to climate variability as well as farmers’ limitations to adaptation. The Bui Plateau is diverse and segmented into seven agrarian basins with diverse stakeholders involved in grappling with changing climatic and environmental problems affecting livelihoods. A total of 597 copies of questionnaire were administered, together with eight (8) focus group discussions and guided interviews with public services and community based organisations involved in climate change mitigation. Consequently, the findings reveal among others that there is no strategy on how to address adaptation in the long-term and that importance is given more ‘misplaced priorities’ like office functionality, communication, out of station allowances and other financial benefits, while, there are little or no budgetary allocations for pressing environmental problems distressing the masses. These leave poor rural farmers at the mercy of the whims and caprices of climate and environmental changes. Hence, there is need for concerted efforts and commitment at the local level to address the immediate needs of inhabitants by the local and national governments.