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Development and Utilization of Mobile Cassava Grating Machines in Nigeria

V. E. Aideloje; H. A. Okwudibe; A. Z. Jimoh and B. B. Olawepo

Journal Title:Journal of Environmental Issues and Agriculture in Developing Countries

Garri and starch are staple food in Africa and Nigeria in particular, these and other numerous foods are by products of cassava. With the continued demand for these by products, the need to fabricate machines for easy grating of cassava becomes inevitable. A mobile cassava grating machine is designed, fabricated using locally sourced material and tested to determine its output capacity. The current design is an improvement to the other designs. It consists of a hopper unit, the grating drum and the delivery channel; it also consists of tyres for easy mobility. All these components are assembled on a frame made from angle bars. The machine is mechanically powered; the grating drum is also made of metallic cylinder that carries a perforated plate which served as the grater. The machine cost N42,000.00 to produce, with an output capacity of 55.79 kg/hr. The machine is economically affordable and used for both house hold and industrial purposes.