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Problem of Cognitive Rehabilitation of Patients with Neurosurgical Pathology of the Brain

Ivanova NE*, Efimova M Yu, Makarov AO, Tereshin AE, Karyagina MV, Reshetnic DA and Ivanov A Yu

Journal Title:Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science

The problem of diagnosis and treatment of cognitive impairment - one of the actual problems of neurorehabilitation after neurological and neurosurgical diseases.Neurosurgical diseases of the brain (brain injury, neuro-oncology, cerebrovascular pathology) are the most important cause of disability in the population of developed countries, leading not only to paresis, hypesthesia, discoordination, but also cognitive disorders. The role of ageing in the formation of cognitive deficiency in focal brain lesions has not been definitively determined yet.