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Effects Of Chemically Pretreated Bovine Serum Samples On Sensitivity Of Rose Bengal Test For Serodiagnosis Of Bovine Brucellosis  

Lamees A. El-Tantawy, Lubna, F. Farahat, Eman S. Ramadan, and Fatma F. Warda  

Journal Title:Journal of Applied Veterinary Sciences

The standard serological test such as Rose Bengal Plate Test (RBPT)  is routinely used for the diagnosis of brucellosis. This test depends on the agglutination of colored particulate antigen (killed Brucella organisms) by the antibodies present in sera of infected animals. Faulty negative and positive results are commonly experienced in these traditional agglutination tests. We developed three simple, new, additional and cost-effective steps that can help in these problems; Superagglutination test for serodiagnosis of brucellosis differs from conventional RBPT by three simple new and coast effective additional steps which are used to overcome this problem. These steps depend on the staining of sera antibodies by adding dye before the test and addition of diluted biotinylated antiglobulin and Avidin in sequence then mixing the antigen with the stained serum. By testing 150 serum samples, Superagglutination test had higher positive predictive value and specificity than RBPT and standard tube agglutination test (STAT). Also, it had higher negative predictive value and sensitivity than RBPT, STAT, ELISA (Indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) and CFT (Complement Fixation test).