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Establishing the Nexus between Technical Education and Industrial Development in Nigeria

Emmanuel Obiahu Agha; Aniefiok Sunday Ukommi; Otu Ekpenyong and Umo Umoh Effiong

Journal Title:Journal of Research in Education and Society

The role of education (especially technical education) in the development of great countries of the world is not doubtful. Ordinarily, one expects such a result in Nigeria, given the abundance of human, natural and financial resources in the country. However, this is far from being realised in the country and calls for a critical inquiry into the forces behind low industrial development in Nigeria. This study critically evaluates the role of technical education in Nigeria’s industrial development. This evaluation reveals that technical education and industrialization in Nigeria are bedevilled by several challenges. Therefore, the work argues that as far as technical education in Nigeria is still battling with the challenges of underfunding, lack of basic facilities and workshops, weak government policy and poor implementation, inadequate power generation and supply, corruption, political influence, problems related to curriculum and the colonial mentality of being a form of education for the educationally disadvantaged individuals, which still drives the current discrimination against graduates of polytechnics, monotechnics, and universities, it will continually lack the impetus to ensure rapid industrial development in the country. Pertinently, far-reaching suggestions for achieving industrial development in Nigeria through her technical education and training programme are proposed.