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Effect of Plant Growth Regulator on the Growth and High Yield of Heat Tolerant Tomato Variety (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill)

Syed Moazzem Hossain1*, Chinmoy Sarker 2, and Sarif Mahmud3   1National Food Safety Consultant-Horticulture, FAO of the UN, Bangladesh; 2Department of Food Technology & Rural Industries, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh; and 3National Consultant Food Safety Analyst, FAO Bangladesh. *Correspondence: moazzem144@gmail.com  

Journal Title:American Journal of Pure and Applied Biosciences

An investigation was undertaken with a view to observing the performance of two heat-tolerant varieties of tomato under polytunnel with and without plant growth regulator application during the summer rainy season. The present study was laid out in a Randomized Completely Block Design (RCBD) with three replications. Two heat-tolerant tomato varieties Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) Tomato-4, and BARI Hybrid Tomato-4 with and without plant growth regulator applications were included in this experiment. The larger fruit set percentage (42.52%) was observed from BARI Hybrid Tomato-4 which was also larger in case of pollen viability (42.75%), the figure of fruits every cluster (3.01), the figure of fruits every plant (12.70), and yield every plant (460 g). The better yield was showed in spraying of 4-CPA at 40 ppm concentration in respect of percent fruit set (45.38%), the figure of fruits every plant (16.45), and yield (39.39 t/ha) under high-temperature condition. In integrate treatment, BARI Hybrid Tomato-4 with 40 ppm 4-CPA performed a significant role in the figure of fruits every cluster (3.41), the figure of fruits every plant (22.48), the figure of fruits every plot (144.00), yield every plant (621.68 g), yield every plot (15.23 kg) and above all fruit yield (50.57 t/ha). This indicates that there is a bright scope of tomato production during summer through with and without plant yield regulator application, though the application of plant growth regulator had a positive impact on tomato yield.