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Book Review: Giray Fidan. Chinese Witness of the Young Turk Revolution: Kang Youwei's Turk Travelogue. Translated by Giray Fidan. New York: Kopernik Inc., 2019.

Gregg L. Carter

Journal Title:NETSOL: New Trends in Social and Liberal Sciences

Giray Fidan’s translation of Kang Youwei’s travel book through Turkey, Chinese Witness of the Young Turk Revolution, is the first full-length, English language translation of Kang’s Travelogue, offering readers a unique glimpse at Chinese perceptions of the social and political circumstances in Turkey following the Young Turk Revolution. Fidan is a professor of Chinese Translation and Interpretation at Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University in Ankara, where he specializes in Chinese perceptions of the Ottoman Empire and Republican Turkey. He is wellpositioned to bring a rarely seen work to the attention of English readers.