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Assessment, Monitoring, and Awareness of Garment Workers Regarding the Prevalence of Tuberculosis in Savar, Dhaka  

Syed Abdullah-Al-Nahid1*, Taslima Haque2, Md. Shoykot Jahan3, Ashrafi Akter Jahan4, Mohammad Shah Alam5, K. M. Shakib6, and Ropak Chandra Roy6    1Dept. of Physiology, Gonoshastaya Samaj Vittik Medical & College Hospital, Bangladesh; 2CMH Dhaka, AMC, Bangladesh Army; 3Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Gono Bishwabidyalay, Bangladesh; 4Dept. of Anatomy, Gonoshastaya Samaj Vittik Medical & College Hospital, Bangladesh; 5Dept. of Microbiology, Gono Bishwabidyalay, Bangladesh; and 6Dept. of Physiotherapy, Gono Bishwabidyalay, Bangladesh  *Correspondence: dralnahid.edu@gmail.com  

Journal Title:European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences

The study was conducted to evaluate the awareness regarding Tuberculosis (TB) in the middle of the export-oriented garment workers in Savar, Dhaka. Data were calmed by face to face talk to using a semi-structured questionnaire. A gross of 110 garment workers was talked to, in the middle of them, 51.8% were male and rests of 48.2% were female. Maximum 30.9% participants age was between 20-22 years and 28.2% of respondent’s ages were more than 28 years.  58.2% of respondents had secondary education, 22.7% of respondents had primary education, and 14.5% of respondents had HSC and above education. Out of 110 participants, 60.0% resided in a nuclear family, 39.1% have resided in a joint family, and 34.5 % were at their own house, 3.6 % were at slum and 57.3% were at the colony. The majority had heard about TB (72.7%) by listening to Television, Radio, Newspaper, and 27.3% were family members, offices, doctors or hospitals. only 25.5% perceived it to be an infectious disease, (30.0%) were did not perceive and the highest number 44.5 % were didn’t know. The correct mode of conveyance i.e. airborne (coughing) was familiar to 66.7% research subjects. The majority (62.4%) knew cough as a symptom. Maximum (71.8%) participants thought TB to be a curable disease, in the middle of the majority (52.0 %) were of the viewpoint to avert the TB by a cover on the mouth at coughing, 8.1% were said BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin) vaccination and 35.8 % was no smoking. Most of the respondents (96.4%) said TB is a treatable disease, in the middle of them, 75.5% said by Anti TB antibiotics. 62.7% of participants perceive TB is a totally curable disease. This work shows (74.5%) garments workers have deficient awareness and (25.5%) have adequate awareness.