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The Impact of Ageing on Population Structure and Development Process of Different Levels of Bangladesh  

Imtiaz Ahmed1*   1Department of Population Sciences, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh  *Correspondence: imtiazdmc@gmail.com  

Journal Title:European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences

Bangladesh is a small South-Asian country at the threshold of an amazing opportunity. Due to the relatively young age of the population, there is a tremendous possibility of economic development. However, this euphoria of demographic dividend often masks the fact that there is a time limit on this opportunity, and as this population gets older, we will have a completely different age structure by 2050 with more people on the other side of 65. That will create a substantial burden on our support structure and additional budget will be needed to cater to the demands of the elderly. But if we can play our cards right, then it is possible to manage that while sustaining the development curve. But we have to act now; otherwise, it will be too late.