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A Challenging Case of Chemoresistance in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer    

    Abdullah Mohammed Alshamrani, Suhaib khalid Alothmani, Mohammed Mousa Dahman, Abdulaziz Abdullah Howil, Abdulrahman Jaman Alzahrani*   General Surgery Department, Security Forces Hospital Program   *Corresponding author: Abdulrahman Jaman Alzahrani, General Surgery Department, Security Forces Hospital Program, P.O. Box 3643, Riyadh 11481 Saudi Arabia. Email: a-alrahman@hotmail.com   Citation: Alshamrani AM, Alothmani SK, Dahman MM, Howil AA, Alzahrani AJ (2020) A Challenging Case of Chemoresistance in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer. Annal Cas Rep Rev: ACRR-102.   Received Date: 06 March, 2020; Accepted Date: 11 March, 2020; Published Date: 17 March, 2020.  

Journal Title:Annals of Case Reports & Reviews

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy is the standard of care in inoperable locally advanced breast cancer (LABC), as it helps in reducing tumor burden and facilitating surgical resection. We describe a 56-year-old post-menopausal woman who presented with a huge, right breast mass extending from the clavicle to the mid abdomen. A chest-abdomen-pelvis computed tomography showed the mass invading the pectoralis muscles and right axillary lymph node with no evidence of distant metastasis. A needle core biopsy revealed an infiltrating ductal carcinoma (Scarff-Bloom- Richardson grade 3). A multidisciplinary collaboration was undertaken, and the patient was started on docetaxel; however, after three cycles of docetaxel, she showed no improvement and was readmitted for palliative mastectomy with skin grafting. A post-operative histopathology examination of the excised tumor revealed an invasive micropapillary carcinoma. A multidisciplinary approach is the cornerstone for the treatment of LABC. In the case of chemoresistance, very few treatment options are available. Keywords: breast cancer, breast neoplasm, chemotherapy resistance, docetaxel.