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The Real Race between Time and Invention of Covid 19 Vaccine

Rajeev Shah and Reena Mehta.

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Microbiology

Covid-19 pandemic shocks and locks whole world at the end of 2019 and 2020. Maximum death occurred in USA followed by Italy and Spain. Here discussion and analysis have been focused on vari-ous types of vaccines of Corona virus on basis of its spike antigen S and its corresponding human ACE2 receptor on cells. The ulti-mate target of all types of vaccines is to prevent binding of ACE2 receptor to S antigen of corona, except long acting interferons. The interferons are natural antiviral substances produced by virus in-fected mammalian cells and are of three types α, β and δ. The main sources of the latest information of Covid-19 vaccination has been internet websites and social net working sites like whatsApp and facebook etc.