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Review On The Common Surgical Affections In Sheep And Goats  

Haithem A.M.Farghali, Khaleifa K.A. Khatem and Ashraf A. Shamaa  

Journal Title:Journal of Applied Veterinary Sciences

Numerous surgical affections are common among sheep and goats in different localities all over the world which may cause economic losses and most of these affections are curable.  Neglection or late interventions to relieve such disorders lead to massive complications that may be ended by animal culling.   The present review aims to illustrate the common surgical disorders in the sheep and goats to facilitate the prevention, control, diagnosis and surgical interventions of such conditions. This review classified the surgical affections systematically and they were stated as surgical affections of the sheep and goats’ skin, digestive, urogenital, musculoskeletal, respiratory and nervous systems in addition to surgical affections of sense organs and abdominal wall.  Categorizing of such affections gives broad scope for veterinarians and researchers specialized in small ruminant practice to study their incidence and geographic distributions in relation to affections' predisposing risk factors scientifically.