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Executive Coaching In Morocco: Simple Trend Or A Really Impactful Process?

Sara Andaloussi; Fatima Zahra Achour

Journal Title:International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management and Economics

Nowadays, organizations present an environment leading people to greater competitiveness and individual performance in the workplace. In order to better serve its interests and objectives, business community use different forms of support of their managers, namely the executive coaching, object of our study. This approach is applied as a managers’ performance development strategy (Grant & Greene, 2004; Moën & Federici, 2012; Moën & Skaalvik, 2009). Since the last 90’s, executive coaching is gaining progressive popularity in Morocco, thanks to the emergence of different coaching programs and institutions. The aim of the present study is to highlight the main reasons explaining the resort to this strategy, and to bring valuable insights about its success factors and its impacts on managers’ performance. Is executive coaching in Morocco just an observable trend or a real difference making process? Through semi-structured interviews, conducted with Moroccan coaches, coachees and a HR Manager, we will analysis this research question.