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Meningeal Tuberculosis Presented As A Myasthenia Gravis Picture

Raziel Castillo-Guevara, Adriana Martínez-Mayorga and Ildefonso Rodriguez-Leyva.

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Microbiology

Objective: To share an uncommon clinical case presentation of a young adult who shows a clinical picture of myasthenia gravis and had neuroinfection problem. Presentation of the Case: A 20-year-old woman with progressive and fluctuant ptosis and diplopia was evaluated through clinical and extension studies (including a repetitive neurostimulation test), but the outcome and, finally, the CSF study help us to make the diagnosis of tuberculosis from the CNS .Results: The high opening pressure, with the xanthochromic aspect and the hypoglycorrhachia with pleocytosis with mononuclear cell elevation and Tb-positive PCR, make us the guidelines for the diagnosis and final treatment. Magnetic resonance imaging shows a pinealoma and a lightly bright of the arachnoid structures. Conclusion: The multiple forms of presentation of this endemic disease push us to consider this unfortunate problem in patients with cranial nerve affection due to arachnoiditis secondary to CNS tuberculosis.