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Dr. Shah Murad

Journal Title:International Journal of Medical Studies

Allopathic drugs used as hypolipidemic agents have a number of unwanted effects. Herbal therapy for Hyperlipidemia is getting attention due to their less frequent side effects. In this study we have compared hypolipidemic effects of Fenofibrate 40 mg with Nigella sativa. Seventy-five hyperlipidemic patients from National Hospital Lahore were enrolled for the study. Consent was taken from all enrolled participants and were divided in three equal numbers i.e.; twenty-five in each group. Group 1 was on Nigella sativa, group 2 was on Gemfibrozil and third group was on placebo therapy. They were advised to take drugs for two months. After completion of the study pretreatment and post-treatment values of LDL cholesterol were analyzed statistically. In 25 patients who were on Nigella sativa, their LDL cholesterol decreased from 191.14±3.45 to 159.40±2.98 mg/dl. 31.7 mg/dl LDL reduction was observed when compared with the placebo group. In 25 patients who were on Fenofibrate 40 mg, their LDL cholesterol decreased from 197.77±3.91 mg/dl to 159.62±2.20 mg/dl. LDL reduction in this group was 38.2 mg/dl. These changes are highly significant with p-values of <0.001. We concluded from this study that the hypolipidemic characteristic of Nigella sativa is comparable and therapeutically as effective as traditionally used hypolipidemic medication Fenofibrate.