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Clinical study of abdominal tuberculosis

Mr. Jashwant Shrivash, Mr. Shubham Chaurasia

Journal Title:International Journal of Medical Studies

This is a clinical study of 101 cases of abdominal tuberculosis admitted to the district hospital during May 2016-August 2018. Majority of abdominal tuberculosis patients presented in 21-30 years age and 11-20 years age groups which were 34.65% and 21.78% respectively. The majority of patients were females, which found to be 62 (61.39%) patients, while male 39 (38.61%) patients. The ratio of male to female was 1: 1.59. The majority of patients were from lower socioeconomic group i.e. 66 (65.35%) patients. The most common complaint was abdominal pain, which in all i.e. 100% patients. Followed by the next complaints were loss of weight and loss of appetite which were present in 77.23% and 73.27% patients. Past history of tuberculosis present in 8.91% of patients. The most common sign was pallor which was present in 67.33 patients and abdominal tenderness, which was present in 39.60% of patients. Anaemia was found, 69.31% of patients. Mantoux test was positive in 25.74% patients and ESR was raised in 67.33% patients. X-ray chest showed a positive finding of tuberculosis in 24.25% of patients. HIV was reactive in 4.95% of patients. Biopsy and CT abdomen pelvis have a maximum sensitivity of 100%. In all ascites patients, the Ascites ADA level was increased. Surgical Management was done in 66.34% of patients and 33.66% managed with chemotherapy alone. The most common surgical procedure was resection and anastomosis done in 26.87% of patients, followed by right hemicolectomy done in 23.88% patients. Diagnostic laparoscopy was done in 16.42% of patients. The most common operative findings were Ileocecal mass. The most common complication was wound infection. Mortality occurred in 1.49% of patients. In follow up 80% of patients completed 6 months of AKT and 20% were on AKT.