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Characterization of lung diseases using computed tomography in burydah city

Abdelmoneim Saeed AhmedCollege of Applied Medical Science, Qassim University, Burydah, KSA. P. O. Box: 6800. & Postal code 51452

Journal Title:International Journal of Medical Studies

Background: This study was designed to characterize the chest diseases using MSCT. To determine the diagnostic value of MSCT in the chest diseases and to know their prevalence in Qassim region. Methods and materials: A retrospective review of medical records from 19 February 2017 to 12 May 2018 was carried out of patients, who had undergone chest CT with and without IV contrast, were reviewed. A total of 55 patients with lung diseases were analyzed 30 (55%) were males and 25 (45%) females. Their age ranged from 20-80 (mean±41years) in Burydah central hospital and King Saud hospital, who are complaining from lung diseases and they have clinical evidence. Data recorded with the variables of interest; the gender, age, smoking habits residential states, types of pathology, the symptoms and breathing rate. The collected data have been analyzed using statistical package for social science SPSS version 21 and the data have been shown in bars, percentage % and correlations. Results: This study revealed that most of the cases had airway diseases which represent 14.5 %, with average age 41 years. Most of the affected cases were males, their ages above 30 years. Followed by multi metastasis which represents 10.9% of all cases their ages above 51 years and it is common in male patients. Conclusion: It concluded that MSCT imaging is best imaging technique that allows for non- invasive evaluations of chest diseases with a high diagnostic precision and well characterized, and have remarkably improved disease outcomes as well. Strongly significant link was observed between respiratory rate and age, P value (0.001). Although chest radiographs are still useful as an initial test. Keywords: Computed tomography, Chest, X-ray diseases